The Four Gospels

The Book of Ezekiel

Ezekiel exiled at 25 years old

Ezekiel began his ministry at 30 years old

Daniel and Ezekiel were contemporaries

  • Ezekiel captive= 17 years old
  • Daniel captive= 15 years old

1) He was a 30-year old captive in Babylon (Ch 1)

2) He was married but lost his wife (Ch 24:15)

3) He had the hand of God on his life (Ch 1:3)


Ch 1,2,3- Personal

  • God’s hand on him (Ch 1:3)
  • God speaks to him (Ch 2:1)
  • God speaks through him (Ch 3:4)

Ch 4-24- Strong judgment level on Judah

  • 6:1-7 You shall know that I am the Lord
  • 9:3,11:22 Departure of the glory of God
  • 11:25 God is moving his presence away from Judah
  • 24:24 these are times when God’s spokesman models his message- Ezekiel is a model for the people (makes the message authentic)

Ch 25-32 Historical- Declaration of judgment on various nations

Ch 33-48- God glory returning

  • Ch 34:1-6- Shepherds not tending the flocks indicting the shepherds